Why Shackleton?

This adventurous little boat needed a proper name.  It’s lines smack of utilitarian as opposed to elegant, smart as opposed to sophisticated, and simple as opposed to complex.  This all sounds like the kind of boat Ernest Shackleton would have enjoyed and cherished.   I was deeply impressed by Shackleton after reading the book, The Endurance.  He loved adventure, like Scamp.  He loved simplicity, function and utility like the Scamp…just made sense to name my boat Shackleton (#268).


3 thoughts on “Why Shackleton?

  1. Could you have Robert Scott and Ernest Shackleton sort of blended together here? BTW, I love your photos. I have just finished a little boat and I didn’t dare take too many close ups… Rob

  2. Roboflennox, no blending intended. Remember Scott took a piano to the Antarctic, was majorly overloaded and failed to focus on an effective strategy for success. His journey was personnel heavy while short on dogs and supplies. Tragically, Scott never made it out alive and lost several other men trying. Shackelton on the other hand, was all about utility and survival. He made sound decisions (except when he commanded the men not to shoot the seals) and did not loose a single man. That being said, I’m no authority on this subject or any other subject for that matter. Just my thoughts. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Rob, Sorry, I get it now!! I used the first name of Robert instead of Ernest. Oops! I told you I wasn’t an expert here. Thanks, I’ll make the correction.

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