Dry Fitting Mast

Ok, this was a blast.  You go from having 8 staves sprawled out on the floor to this beautifully symmetrical sphere of Godliness.  Once the staves go into position the heavenly choirs open up and you feel this rapture coming from all wooden boat builder of the past converging down on your wood shop.  Well, almost anyway.  This was definitely the most fun I’ve had in my shop for quite some time.  DSC00005

These simple holding jigs made all the difference.

 I got the idea from Craig Bryant’s build blog (you can link to his blog from my home page).


I didn’t even know what a Bird’s Mouth cut was last week, and now here they are in all their glory.


I’m using two additional supports to hold the ends.

Now that the dry run is complete, I’ll be preparing for the epoxy glue up.


2 thoughts on “Dry Fitting Mast

  1. Looks great, Brent — I will be interested to see how it goes when things get messy!

    I was just thinking about the best way to get the epoxy all spread out in all the little V’s in a reasonable amount of time. There’s a lot of feet of epoxy to be applied.

    I’m thinking it would work well to use a pastry-bag type applicator made out of a gallon zip-lock freezer bag (I’ve been using method that for my fillets) to squeeze out a bead of epoxy down the V, and then a custom spreader to distribute it evenly.

    The spreader would need to have a corner on it so it would spread both sides of the V at once, and have little teeth on it to let a consistent depth be left behind, and some type of snow-plow mechanism to channel excess epoxy ahead of it vs. letting it roll off to the sides of the boards.

    I haven’t done more than think about it at this stage, so no prototype yet.

    I have heard that large hose clamps are good for clamping, since you can easily adjust the pressure. I’ve also used strips of innertube wrapped around things like this for clamping in the past, and that worked well.

    Keep posting! — Dave

    • Dave, I’m thinking about using electricians tape as a clamping mechanism. I could remove while epoxy is still green. This seems like it might work well for even clamping. I really like your suggestion for the pastry bag and epoxy spreader, I’m going to do this. I will roll the inner and square surfaces. I’m also considering giving everything two coats of epoxy prior to thickened epoxy (within the allowable time limit as to avoid sanding). This jib for consistent stave tapering was the bomb.

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