Glueing up the Mast

DSC00001This was a little tense, like pouring cement.

Everything is timed and the clock cannot be turned back.   Once you start, your committed.  Furthermore, part way through, I thought I was going to run out of epoxy.  That would have been disastrous.  But, my luck held out and so did the epoxy.  Other concerns were, did I get enough thickened epoxy in the bird’s mouth joint? Did I mix everything properly ? Is the clamping pressure sufficient?  Well, only time will tell, but I think I got a sufficient job.  I wanted two coats of epoxy on the inside of the mast,  so I started at 7:00 am by rolling and brushing three sides of the staves (I did not epoxy the outside of the staves), I then waited until about 4:30 pm before the epoxy was ready for the second coat. After applying the second, I thickened the epoxy and filled the bird’s mouth.  I used electrician’s tape for clamping pressure (not sure I would recommend it though, it got pretty slimy and I questioned whether it was going to hold, but it did).


This shot gives me hope when I see all the squeeze out pushing through.

 I spent an hour after the glue-up trying to remove excess epoxy from the outside of the joints.

What I learned:

  1. You probably need another helper.  My wife helped me and I’m sure glad she did.
  2. Make sure you have lot’s of epoxy (I went through a lot more than I thought I would).
  3. Have everything ready (I had to scramble for the electrician’s tape)
  4. Our gloved fingers worked better than the home made scraper tool I created to smooth the thickened epoxy into the bird’s mouth.
  5. Keep moving, you don’t have any too much time for this step.

Great to have the mast glued up!  Now, I wait for a few days.  Then it’s time to get out the hand plane and begin taking off the high edges.  Additionally, I will be epoxying the top and bottom plugs into position.


2 thoughts on “Glueing up the Mast

  1. Dave, that was interesting to read, especially the insert plug. Thank you for sending it along. I know I could not have made consistent cuts with my bandsaw for stave dimensioning. I really liked the jig for shaping consistent staves (I never needed to touch them with anything after the circular saw cut) and would highly recommend it. Thanks again, Brent

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