Glueing up Weighted Rudder

After waiting nearly 2 weeks for more epoxy to arrive, I’m finally ready to move forward.  This is where I left off with the rudder.DSC00269

This rudder will have 2 lb. of plate steel epoxied inside per Howard Rice’s suggestion, which I feel has much merit.  DSC00007After a couple of hours, my rudder now looks like this.  I used old bricks to press down the center to make sure I had good contact around the plate steel.

DSC00009I was looking for even squeeze out all the way around the edges.  I was very happy to see this even distribution of excess epoxy.

DSC00004DSC00003DSC00010Like many have said, you cannot have too many clamps.

My Construction Steps:

  1. I first coated all surfaces with unthickened epoxy.
  2. I then thickened more epoxy and used a 3/16″ v-notch spreader to evenly distribute this thickened epoxy over all inside surfaces.
  3. I then spooned thickened epoxy around the cutout area and around the plate steel.
  4. I then paired the two surfaces, weighted the center with bricks and clamped the perimeter with soft clamping pressure.
  5. I then spent 30 minutes cleaning up the excess squeeze out around the edges.
  6. I’m now headed to my Swedish backyard Sauna to relax and contemplate glueing up the centerboard.  I love this build project!!  If you are reading this blog and trying to decide whether or not to build a boat…do it baby!

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