Glueing up Centerboard

DSC00031 Centerboard notched to hold the 22 lb. plate steel, ready to be glued together.DSC00006 This is the 3/16″ v-notch spreader I am using to distribute the thickened epoxy.  I purchased it at Home Depot for $3.00.  It’s a very handy size.  After rolling unthickened epoxy over all inside surfaces, I used this spreader to distribute the thickened epoxy.  For this glueing application I thickened all epoxy with colloidal silicon.DSC00011 With the Shinto saw rasp, purchased from Duckworks Boatbuilder’s Supply, I have begun to work over the rudder edges glued up last night.  I’ve never seen a more effective tool to shape and smooth than this baby.  Good tools make such a difference.    DSC00008After properly glueing up all surfaces, I dropping in the plate steel, placed bricks along the centerline and added clamps around the periphery.

It feels so good to be moving forward.  Monday, I’ll begin to shape and prepare for the outside glassing of these foils.


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