Shaping and Glassing Centerboard

DSC00002 If you haven’t yet purchase the Shinto saw rasp, now would be a good time.  It worked very well to remove excess squeeze out and general epoxy clean up.  I also used this rasp to begin the smoothing of the foil sides prior to sanding.  I then went to 80 grit paper on my orbital sander.  This made short work of the shaping/smoothing process.DSC00003The bottom half of the above photo shows the stock shape of the foil as I received it.  The top half shows the shape I gave the CB/Head transition.  I felt this would make the glassing process much easier and it looks more natural to my eye.  DSC00004The tapered CB head shape from the top.DSC00016After using a 1/4″ round over bit on the CB head edges, I drilled a 3/8″ hole into the existing uphaul line hole.  The forsner bit held its angle very well on this curved surface.  DSC00020I then took a round rasp and created a depression for the uphaul line to follow.DSC00019I rounded the outer end of the 3/8″ hole to allow a smooth transition between the hole and the haul line depression.  DSC00015Cut glass ready for epoxy.DSC00024 First coat of epoxy on the glass.  DSC00028 I used a flat wooden stir stick as a squeegee to remove excess epoxy.  I was striving for a thin first layer (as not to float the glass off the wood).DSC00027Very happy with how this turned out.  I am going to do all epoxy work with the CB in the flat, horizontal position to help avoid epoxy runs.  After filling this weave with another coat of epoxy, I’ll flip the CB and do the other side.  Tons of fun here folks!!


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