Drilling & Filling CB/Rudder Holes

With 2 layers of fiberglass on both the Rudder and Centerboard, I was ready to move toward installing bushings and drilling holes for uphaul/downhaul lines.  DSC00001I had to lower my drill press table to check the alignment of the forsner bit.  These holes must be absolutely perpendicular to the foils.  I drilled oversized holes for both the Rudder and Centerboard.  I supported the Centerboard (not shown here) with a side support that picked up the opposite end of the board. This Centerboard is very heavy!DSC00002Once you are convinced the bit is perpendicular to the foil, hold your breath and drill.DSC00005 The suggested method is to drill oversized holes for the bushings/lines and then fill these holes with thickened epoxy.  You then drill out these same holes using a smaller bit, leaving an epoxy ring to effectively seal out the water.DSC00007Oversized holes being drilled.DSC00008 Filing a groove for the Rudder downhaul line.DSC00015I will apply several coats of epoxy to this groove area. DSC00022 I am using a simple hole for the Rudder uphaul line.  I will tie a bowline knot forming a loop through this uphaul hole.  This is a little different than the plans, but given the shape of my Rudder/head junction, I feel it is the best/simpliest solution.  After swabbing the oversized holes with unthickened epoxy, I added colloidal silicon to the epoxy and filled all holes.  I added duck tape to the edges to keep the epoxy from running out the horizontally drilled line holes that you cannot see.DSC00020The back side of the Centerboard is completely done with 2 additional coats of graphite epoxy applied.  I’m glad I waited to coat this side of the Centerboard, because it was impossible to tell where the pivot and uphaul holes were located after two coats of graphite epoxy.

Tomorrow, I’ll scrape the epoxy off flush with the sides of the foils and then move toward drilling out and installing bushings.  Good stuff!!


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