Installing Bushings

Some of these photos are of the Centerboard, some of the Rudder.  All the concepts are the same.DSC00001With the oversized holes drilled and filled with thickened epoxy, I used a scraper to level the epoxy with the surface of the foil.DSC00004I then used my drill press to drill out the center hole.DSC00011This produces a lot of cool looking shavings.  DSC00003 You are striving for a perfectly centered hole…I’m close.DSC00006 The center hole will take a bushing, the top hole will accept a 3/16″ line for the rudder downhaul.  

DSC00013I pushed in two centerboard bushings to determine length.  I then used a metal file to roughly determine where to cut the bushing.  Due to the thickness of the foils, it takes two bushing to create the length needed.DSC00014 The centerboard bushing being cut with a hacksaw.  The bronze cuts quite easily.DSC00009   I scored the bushings for better epoxy adhesion.DSC00017Bushing installed in the centerboard.DSC00005I added some thickened epoxy around the bushing to seal the outermost area.DSC00001Bushing filed flat.  I’ll re-coat this centerboard one last time with graphite epoxy.DSC00007 This side of the centerboard is now ready for it’s final two coats of graphite epoxy.

Fun stuff here…now ready to bright finish the rudder.


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