Making Fender Washers for Rudder/CB

Typical nylon fender washers are less than 2″ in diameter.  I wanted larger washers, especially for the CB, to pick up some of the side loading this foil would experience.  I read somewhere of others making their own fender washers using a poly cutting board.DSC00003Walmart offered this cutting board for $2.45.  I especially liked this shape, as the board thins down after the outside edge, making it a narrow 1/8″ thick. This narrow washer will not force me to expand the width of the CB trunk, allowing for a fairly narrow slot in the bottom of the boat.DSC00004The small washers will be for the rudder, the larger washers will be for the CB.DSC00006Using my band saw, I cut out the circles.  The diameters measure:  2 1/4″ for the smaller washers, 4 1/2″ for the larger washers.DSC00007Shinto rasp smooths the edges.DSC00008Wood rasp finishes the job.DSC00010 Not bad for $2.45 and I have some left over material to make a few spares.  



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