Finish Work for Centerboard and Rudder

After several weeks building the Centerboard and Rudder, the foils kit is now complete.DSC00002 I chose to finish the CB with graphite epoxy.  I also was not overly concerned about the finish of this foil as it will be under the boat, receiving very little UV and rarely ever seen.  It received to layers of glass over the entire foil.  Each layer of glass received two layers of epoxy and then two additional layers of graphite epoxy.  All the edges of this foil have four layers of glass wrapped around the edges.  It looks and feels very substantial.  The bushings are finished flush with the outside edges to better distribute the forces of the foil to the large fender washers I built.  DSC00001 My wife and father thought it would be a shame to paint the Rudder.  The shape of this foil and natural grain of the wood is so beautiful, they simply wouldn’t let me paint over it.  I like the tradition of all foils being white, so I had mixed emotions about this.  DSC00004After seeing the Rudder finished with 3 coats of Interlux Schooner’s varnish, I was really glad I finished it bright.  The Schooner’s varnish flowed out extremely smooth and has the appearance of being sprayed.  I am very impressed with this expensive ($35.00/quart) varnish.  I did notice that if it ever sags or runs, it doesn’t seem to want to cure.  After 3 days of not curing, I used light pressure on a scraper to remove excess around the rudder uphaul hole and edges to remove excess.  I then let it set up for another day to finish curing before sanding and refinishing.  The Rudder has two layers of glass over all surfaces.  All edges received four layers of glass.  I finished both foils by placing them horizontally on my bench and working on each side, one at a time.  This system worked well for me.

DSC00001 DSC00002 DSC00004 DSC00005I’m very happy with these foils.  They represent a lot of time and effort.  It is so satisfying and rewarding to see them complete and ready for installation.  I now consider myself worthy to order the Scamp kit and begin the next phase of this build.  If anyone is considering building a Scamp, I would encourage you to give it serious thought.  I am totally loving this experience.


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