The Waiting Game is Over

After waiting nearly 6 weeks for my kit to arrive, today was my day.  Nation wide plywood shortages created this extra long wait.  Josh was very helpful and kept me posted, and actually paid to have plywood shipped in from Seattle to move things along.  Thanks Josh!DSC00023Yes, this entire kit will fit in the back of a Honda Odyssey.  I had to tie down the hatch door, but it worked.  Right about now I am asking myself, “what have I done?”  This looks like a ton of work, I knew that, right?DSC00026Some of the construction will be done here, with the main assembly being done in the car garage.  I will now need to explain to my wife the car will be residing outside the garage for nearly one year.  Ouch!DSC00027I can’t imagine cutting all these parts by hand, at least not by my hand.  I’m really glad I purchased the kit.  Parts are shown on the left, with scrap plywood to the right.  I’m keeping most of the scraps for hardware backing or to build a replacement part if I mess up on something.DSC00030The puzzle cuts look cool and will be a lot simpler than scarfing plywood.DSC00028Great detail piece, but I’m not sure where it goes?  I don’t remember seeing this in the plans.  Can anyone help here?

Up next:  Epoxy, sand, repeat 3 times.

3 thoughts on “The Waiting Game is Over

  1. Woohoo! Exciting times, Brent! Glad to see your kit has arrived and you’re on your way. I had two of those little SCAMP pieces in my kit, too, and as far as I know they just threw them in for fun. I don’t think they go on the actual boat… — Dave

    • Simeon and Dave, Thanks for the input. Then I’m definitely going to find a cool place to accessorize the boat with these scamp pieces. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Gotta be a cool place to epoxy them.

  2. I think this is something new Brandon added to the kit production. If it’s small then just a value-added bit from available ply in the nesting. Epoxy it up nice for a coaster or token?

    Sometimes there are plywood fillet stick in various sizes included

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