Maybe a little too Anxious

I knew it was bound to happen…but I didn’t expect it to be my opening move.  My first mistake took place on day one.  DSC00004What’s wrong with this picture?  Yes, I epoxied the front piece on upside down.  Notice you can’t see the pre-notched cutouts on the front piece.  I had this correct in my layup.  But, somehow I flipped this piece 180 degrees after applying the epoxy, dropped it in place and promptly went to bed.  In the morning, the mistake was vividly clear upon my first gaze.

Well, my dad always told me the difference between a good and bad carpenter is  a good carpenter can alway fix and hide his mistakes.  So, here is my solution.DSC00008I took a plunge router and drilled all the way through the existing cutouts to properly locate them on the correct/top side of the plywood.DSC00011I then cut a small filler piece to add back into the bottom half of the cutout.  I will fill the smaller holes when I finish the bottom side of the hull.  DSC00014Weighting the panels for proper alignment.DSC00013I held the filler piece down with stones resting on little sticks wrapped in duct tape.  This keep the filler piece from floating up near the top of the cutout.   DSC00005The rest of the glue-up went just fine.DSC00001DSC00002I glued all the puzzle panels in one shot.

What I learned:

  1. Even though you think all is well, check everything about 3 more times.
  2. Don’t get discouraged when you make a mistake (it’s going to happen).
  3. Apply your energies toward overcoming the mistake by going for a nice bicycle ride to clear your head (this works for nearly every issue in life).
  4. Take you time in correcting the problem.  A hasty attempt to correct may take you further away from a proper/simple solution.
  5. This is just right good fun folks.



2 thoughts on “Maybe a little too Anxious

  1. Well, bummer! When I do something like that it always humbles me down a little. Sorry to hear about that, and looks like you’ve done a good job recovering. — Dave

  2. I know, everybody tells you, that mistakes are part of the progress and the learning. If it happens to me, like often, I start cursing and yelling. Then looking at how to fix it. Then after fixing it, you’re sure, you’ve learned something 😉

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