Let’s Get it Started!

When I was a young man, my dad always emphasized the importance of using a block plane.  There was never to be a rough edge within sight and he could spot one from across the room.  He would say, “Ooh…smooth down that edge”.  So, the first thing I wanted to do, was to knock down all the rough edges.   DSC00060I purchased an 1/8″ round over bit for this purpose.DSC00061This photograph shows a little ridge left over after the cut, but this was very easy to sand off.DSC00063I left all the adjoining edges square and rounded off all the touchable areas. DSC00065After easy hand sanding, these areas looked great.  This just makes me feel good.DSC00001 Okoume Marine BS 1088 is gorgeous stuff!DSC00002 Second coat of epoxy on inside surfaces of the panels.DSC00005This photo shows my corrected front bow piece.  I’m happy with how I was able to accurately relocate the indexed areas.

What I learned:

  1. Foam rollers make the epoxy application a breeze.
  2. If you push very hard with the foam roller, as you roll out the epoxy, it will create tiny air bubbles that will texture the surface and make sanding harder.
  3. Multiple thin coats of epoxy seem to work the best.
  4. This project is going to require a lot of sanding pads.

I’m having fun!


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