Wet Storage and Bulkhead 7

There is a ton of dry storage on the Scamp, probably more than needed.  Many will be tempted to take the kitchen sink. But, I don’t want to overload this little boat, I want to keep it light.  I also don’t want to fuss with hatch fasteners to simple throw in a Subway sandwich or access a water bottle, so I’ve decided to open up the storage areas between BH7 & BH8, making this area essentially, wet storage.  DSC00002First, I epoxied a filler plate into the access hole in BH7.DSC00013After scraping and sanding, it looked like this.DSC00017After two coats of epoxy, it looked like this.  Also notice the small filler piece near the bottom the bulkhead to keep water out.  This also needed to be filled.  I will now cut an access hole in the top of the seat between BH7 & BH8 for quick stash items.  I will also cut out drainage holes near the bottom of the seat longitudinal pieces for proper drainage into the scuppers.DSC00018Otherwise, still sanding and epoxying.  


3 thoughts on “Wet Storage and Bulkhead 7

  1. Brent – Looks just like the way I sealed up the access/lightening holes in B7 and that worked great. Sounds like your plan is to add a drain into the sump through the front of the seat riser, and then are you planning a permanently open hole in the seat top for access? I think Derek in Zephyr did that and likes it. I think he stores his anchor rope in there.

    • Dave, exactly right. I will probably just cut a small seat top access hole on both sides without hatch cover for quick grabs. I want to keep the access hole small, so I can still sit on the port aft end of the seat and still access the outboard motor controls.

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