Wrapping my Head around the CB Case

There are a lot of ways to build the CB case.  It has been a blessing to read and see how others have accomplished this step.  I have the advantage of reading and learning from those who have gone before me.  DSC00005  I decided to build the CB case on the  bench prior to installing it in the boat.  I believe this will make it easier for me to build and keep the panels properly aligned.  I was not confident in my ability to drill a perpendicular hole through four panels after the case was installed in the boat, so I’m going about this a little differently.  DSC00008The line route for the CB uphaul needs to be designed also.  After playing with several slopes, I finally decided on a very subtle slope back into the case as the best line and water control route.  The actual hole will be drilled after installation and run through BH4.DSC00009After thinking a few nights about how to keep the panels properly aligned, I decided to start with all the layers sandwiched together and indexed by the CB bolt running through the existing holes in the stack.  I drew lines to index the panels for future alignment.DSC00011I fixed this position with 4 screws to hold all four layers securely together.DSC00012I then drilled out the existing holes on the drill press with a 3/4″ oversized forsner bit.DSC00013I then coated all the holes with unthickened epoxy and followed that up with thickened epoxy.  The stones keep the panels laying flat on the bench to keep the epoxy from running out the bottom of the holes.  I use duck tape on the back sides of the panels.  DSC00014Once cure, I’ll sandwich the panels together again using screws in the holes drilled earlier.  I’ll then drill out the epoxied holes to accept the brass bushings, leaving an epoxy ring around the bushings to prevent water penetration into the wood.  I’ll then glass/epoxy all panels and begin to build the case, using the CB bolt through the holes to maintain proper alignment.  This system seem to make sense to me, I’ll report how it all works out upon completion.


4 thoughts on “Wrapping my Head around the CB Case

  1. Looks good, Brent. The only challenge with drilling the final hole before assembly will be to ensure those pieces are all aligned in the glue-up. The doublers will be easy as you can use your alignment marks. However, the two sides of the case will be separated by the case ends and will be more difficult to align. Because of that, I chose to glue up the case structure, then drill the final hole. That way any minor misalignment in the glue-up doesn’t matter. — Dave

  2. Dave, thanks for the ideas. My thought is to use the pivot bolt as an alignment tool during assembly (I purchase a longer bolt than necessary for this purpose). Does this make sense?

    • Dave, I like your idea of drilling last. How did you drill that long of a hole (all the way through the entire assembled CB case) on the drill press? My bit will not reach all the way through.

      • Ha! Good question. And I couldn’t remember! I went and measured my forstner bits and sure enough, not long enough. Luckily I wrote it down at the time – I overdrilled the holes in as close to the right spot as I could, then assembled the case, put a spacer with alignment bolt in the case, put the bushings on the bolt, and then poured the epoxy around the bushing. Perfect alignment. Described here: http://woodnmetalguy.blogspot.com/2014/02/pivot-bushings-installed.html

        — Dave

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