Completing CB Case

Building the CB case seemed to take a long time.  I went very slowly to insure I didn’t make a mistake.  It was weighing heavily on my mind and I’m glad I got through it.  As you know, I was using a different construction technic, so I wanted to make sure I got everything right.  It went together beautifully.DSC00002Here I laid out my screw patterns and dry screwed everything together.  I used an impact driver which offered a lot of control when screwing into the plywood.DSC00003These screw are a joy to use, they drill their own holes and pull hard enough to go right through the plywood if your not careful.  I’ve never used anything like them.DSC00002Here are the specs for the screws.  They are not stainless steel, but they will all get epoxy plugged and shouldn’t see much moisture (since they are buried inside the wood).  They are designed for outdoor decking.DSC00004The process is to dry screw everything together in it’s proper layout, disassemble, epoxy and reassemble.  This allows the screws to go back into their original holes insuring proper alignment.  This system, though slow, offers a lot of accuracy and precision.  DSC00007Summary: 

  1. Though it had me worried, the build was straight forward and relatively easy on the bench.
  2. If you take your time and build the case accurately on the bench, it should fit beautifully between the bulkheads.
  3. Glue up was simplified by working on the bench.
  4. The case doubler plate was easy to epoxy by working on the bench.
  5. Everything is easier on the bench.

2 thoughts on “Completing CB Case

  1. Nice work!

    Remember to keep all your bulkheads vertical as you go, using the seat top pieces to help align them. Suitably mask them from nearby epoxy glue if there is any chance of them getting partially glued in prematurely

  2. Simeon,
    One thing I have noticed is that the though the jig is level side to side and fore to aft, the seat tops are not. Is this normal?

    Also, thanks for the suggestions and please keep them coming!!

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