Building Mast Trunk

After several last minute vacations, before my kids go back to school, I found some time to continue building Shackleton.

I decided to follow Dave’s lead (building #243) and build the Mast Trunk on the bench.  After mocking up the process dozens of times, I finally decided to just start building.  The process went rather smoothly as follows:

  1. First I rolled and brushed all joint, dado and fillet areas with unthickened epoxy.
  2. I then brushed thickened epoxy into all dados on BH3, mast ramp and bottom plate.
  3. I then positioned the mast trunk sides into the dados on BH3.
  4. I then shot two 3/4″ staples through the bottom plate, into the mast trunk sides (at the forward bottom corner location). This held the lower mast trunk sides vertical.
  5. I then positioned the top ramp piece and clamped it to the mast trunk sides.  This held the upper mast trunk sides vertical.
  6. I then filleted both inside and outside joint areas of the open mast trunk (this was really nice because it allowed great access to create the inside fillets).
  7. I then placed the Y piece on the top.
  8. After checking all alignment, I weighted the top and clamps the sides together.

DSC00025DSC00024DSC00028    DSC00029DSC00026Next, I’ll glass the outside corners, ramp and bottom plate.  

I’m having fun, baby!



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