Glassing Mast Trunk

The plans call for wrapping the outside edges in fiberglass.  I decided to add the glass while the epoxy was still curing to avoid sanding.  I’ll add additional epoxy to the weave in 8-10 hours.  DSC00002These top edges will be cut flush with the top of the mast trunk, with a razor blade in about 8 hours.DSC00003This bottom wrap was a bit of an after thought.  It would have worked out a lot better if I had rounded the bottom edges before attempting the wrap.  I’ll try to work a little more epoxy into these white edges after things set up a bit.

DSC00051Wrapping top of mast trunk.  I used one continuous wrap of about 35″ to go all the way around.


3 thoughts on “Glassing Mast Trunk

  1. Dave,
    Thanks. It sure feels great to be working 3D. Just taking my time and trying to do a neat job. I love your boat! You are doing a fantastic job. What did you think of my plate steel ballast? Just curious.

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