Centerboard Case Cleating

Adding cleating to the centerboard case area was a bit of a brain teaser.  After reviewing how other builders completed this task, things became more clear. DSC00002I first ran a strip of packing tape to the edge of my level.DSC00003This is the area that needs to be cleated.  As you can see, I cannot simply shoot staples from the back side of this area into the cleating, due to the centerboard case placement.  DSC00004I placed the level (taped side down) and clamped it to the surrounding cleating previously installed.  I then cut 6 battens (1/4″thick x 281/2″ long).  I used the battens to apply pressure to the cleating, holding it securely against the level.  I placed the battens in such a manner as to create a slight upward pressure.  This ensures that the cleating will stay up tight against the level.DSC00005Just another angle.DSC00006I had a simple realization today in my wood shop.  How do you build a sailboat?  One stick at a time…a lot like life.


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