Painting Storage Areas

After reading how others have proceeded at this point in the construction process, I decided to paint the storage areas before installing the planking.  It makes a lot of sense to paint now, while the access is good and requires no kneeling.  At this point, you can stand between the bulkheads and reach the storage areas with few contortions.  DSC00005I taped off all the exposed area (until I ran out of tape).  I didn’t trust myself with a paint brush without the tape to keep me straight.  DSC00007Along the hull/garboard plank joint, I taped off a wider margin to accommodate the fiberglass tape which will be placed there.  DSC00008It took 3 coats of Rust-Oleum paint (Gloss Almond #7770) to properly cover the panels.  DSC00004All these joints areas need to be filleted to the planking.  I will then paint over these areas.  DSC00003DSC00023Don’t leave mineral spirits in plastic cups.  Somehow, I missed this in high school shop class.

The taping and painting process took some time, but I’m very happy with the results.  I’m now ready to move towards installing the planking.  I’m a little nervous about this next step.  Any and all suggestions from you who have completed this next step are encouraged.



3 thoughts on “Painting Storage Areas

  1. Also, the plastic in used yogurt containers seem to hold up to mineral spirits much better than the ones that you used! I’ve soaked in those for weeks without problems…

  2. I keep thinking of more tips — you’ll need to crank on the front of the first panel to get it to twist into place, so you’ll have to brace the bow transom securely to something so it doesn’t get pushed off center… Probably need to be creative with walls, ceiling, etc…

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