Finishing Rudder Head Assembly

I chose to finish all inside areas of the rudder head assembly prior to glueing on the outer cheek panels.  DSC00001DSC00002DSC00006DSC00009I used small wooden blocks to keep from denting the wood with the clamps (even light pressure will dent this plywood).


DSC00012When cutting off the protruding dowels, I placed duck tape on my Japanese hand saw (just under the teeth of the saw).  This allows the saw to glide over the wood, cutting the dowel flush with the surrounding plywood, without skinning the plywood.DSC00013Preparing for final coat.DSC00001 I’m using Rust-oleum Gloss Hunter Green #7738.  I’ll now glue in the brass bushings.

Why build your own sailboat?  Because you can 


3 thoughts on “Finishing Rudder Head Assembly

  1. Yes, this ply dents easily, even when coated with epoxy and paint.
    I like your green!

    The manual call for fiberglassing (6 oz cloth) the hull bottom and first two side planks, as well as the cabin top. Optionally, also the bow & stern transoms (B-1 & B-8).

    I glassed both transoms, as well as the seat tops in the cockpit, all with 6 oz cloth. The trade off is the extra weight you add to the build. They are holding up well and dent free. If I were to build again, in retrospect, I would have bought some 2 oz cloth for the seat tops, and the upper hull planks, and squeegee the epoxy out to the minimum needed to. I think that weight (2 or 4 oz) would add enough extra dent protection. I’d skip the deck (too fiddly) and also the cockpit sole since mine seem to be holding up okay. FYI 2 oz & 4 oz cloth seems to be a bit more expensive.

    My two cents…


    • Simeon,

      What about using the Kiwigrip on the seat tops for disguising the dents and providing grip. Would this just be gross, visually? Just an idea. Your thoughts?

      I’m planning on glassing the hull and planks 1&2, the bow & stern transoms and the deck top. Not too sure about anything beyond this. Love your suggestions…please keep them coming.


      • I’ve got it on the centerboard cap, as well as on the anchor rode storage cap on the other side of the cockpit. Over the whole seat top maybe too hard to slide the tush around on. Maybe in the out years it could be used to disguise things a bit. I’ll see if I can post a photo on the SCA board.


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