Sole & Sole Doubler Thoughts

After thinking things over, I’ve decided to install the floor before moving forward with plank #3.  This will allow me to work the fillets by reaching over the edge; not forcing me to climb inside the boat.

DSC00003I took the time to mark all existing bulkheads and cleating for the entire floor area.  I also marked all screw holes. DSC00004I then drilled all the holes for the entire floor area.DSC00006   It was easier for me to drill the holes before glueing on the forward sole piece.DSC00007 I’m using some of Shackleton’s fixed ballast to weight the panels.

My ideas on sole & sole doubler assembly are:  

  1. Mark all bulkhead and cleating locations on the top of the sole pieces.
  2. Mark all screw locations.  The periphery holes were drilled out using a counter sink bit.  The amidship holes were drilled out using a standard bit (the sole doubler will cover all amidship holes).
  3. Epoxy the forward and aft sole pieces together.
  4. Dry fit the sole into the boat.
  5. Epoxy the sole doubler to the sole (after rounding over all exposed edges).
  6. Flip the ensemble (sole & sole doubler) over.  Using the existing holes in the sole as a guide, drill through the sole doubler (all holes now line up nicely).
  7. Flip the ensemble right side up.  Use a counter sink on all the amidship holes you just drilled.
  8. Cut and fit hatches.
  9. Router and epoxy all hatch edges.
  10. Finish the ensemble on the bench.
  11. Install the hatches on the bench.
  12. Install the ensemble into the boat.

I’m enjoying this build very much.




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