Installing the Sole

This was not a hard step to complete.  Just take your time and be deliberate.  Plan your screw holes well as to hit all cleating previously installed in your boat.  DSC000021 coat of paint.DSC000012 coats of paint.DSC00001Three coats of paint, then screwed into cleating.  I coated the bottom of the sole and all cleating with unthickened epoxy,  Six hours later, I placed thickened epoxy on all cleating.   I then spread the thickened epoxy flat over all the cleating material with a small flat stick.  I then plopped the floor in place and screwed it down.DSC00003I used a syringe to place thickened epoxy into all screw holes.


This was so easy to do on the bench.  You can pre drill and counter sink all screw holes in the sole.  Then use the sole as a template to pre drill holes into your cleating (by placing the sole into the boat).  I used #8 x 1″ stainless screws for the sole perimeter holes and #8 x 1,1/4″ stainless screws for all the sole doubler holes.

Next steps: 

  1. Sand flush the epoxy filled screw holes
  2. Paint over screw holes
  3. Fillet sole/seat longitudinal edge.
  4. Paint filleted areas and seat longitudinals.

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