Seat Extensions Installed

I knew I wanted to extend the stock seating by adding a front edge extension.  After looking at many other designs, I decided to keep it simple and go with the “ham & egger” approach.  I grabbed some Vertical Grain Douglas Fir, rounded the edges and cut to length.  DSC00004I screwed through the back side of the seat longitudinals where I had access, and used clamps for additional even pressure.  DSC00001I held the edge up 3/8″ to meet the seat top yet to be installed.  The extensions measure 2,1/4″ wide and 1,1/2″ high.DSC00005This photo shows the simple edge shape I settled on.  If I use a rowing seat, I will design a ‘drop-in’ seat as opposed to sliding it in from the top end.  As for sleeping with 2 people on the boat, I plan to pitch a small tent on land, so I really don’t need a center groove.

Now more sanding and painting, then I will install CB uphaul rigging.


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