CB Uphaul Rigging

I wanted to install the center board uphaul blocks and cleat before things got difficult to reach.  I also wanted to clearly see where to screw the components with respect to the CB blocking.   DSC00002Using a 1/2″ forsner bit, I drilled a hole on a slight angle so that lake water will drain back into the CB case.  I was careful to avoid all existing screws. DSC00003Dave (building #243) recommended this little tool to flare the end of the copper tubing.  DSC00004DSC00006It worked like a champ.DSC00007Test fitting for length.  This forward end will be flared with a plumb bob. DSC00008You can almost see the forward flare on the tubing.  DSC00010The screws for the fairlead need to straddle the copper tubing and miss the ends of the turn block screws.

DSC00003All mocked up with block, fiddle block and cleat.  I angled the cleat slightly to match the angle of the incoming line.

Next up, sanding and painting the seat longitudinals and sole rain gutter.  


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