Pintles, Gudgeons Rework

As earlier mentioned, I was unhappy with the friction in the rudder after my first attempt at installing the pintles and gudgeons.  After thinking things over, I decided to drill out the holes, fill them with epoxy and try again.  Well…Success this time!DSC00002

I started by marking the center line and using a square to mark the horizontal location of the gudgeon holes.  It now moves freely from side to side without friction. DSC00003Based on Simeon’s recommendation, I purchased the Racelite heavy duty pintles and gudgeons from Duckworks Magazine.  They are well build, solid and simple.  Just what Shackleton ordered.  DSC00002When installing the rudder downhaul line, I realized I didn’t have room for a knot and washer to secure the line into the rudder.  It just wouldn’t fit in the epoxied hole I had to work with.  So, I grabbed some artificial sinew and doubled the line over on itself.  This fits nicely in the hole and secures the downhaul line.  DSC00001The rudder uphaul line was secured with a simple knot.DSC00005I color coded the lines:  green for downhaul and red for uphaul.  I also chose red for the CB  uphaul line.  My reasoning for the color coding was:  ‘Green for smooth sailing, drop the CB and rudder’  and red for ‘quick, raise the foils before we run a ground’.

 I’m so glad I took the time to get this right.  So many times we hurry ourselves and are never quite happy with the end results.  I’ve owned sailboats in the past that had issues I could not solve.  With Scamp, I’ve tried to make this boat mine and never hurry or short change the process.  I could not build one of these boats if I were in a hurry.  I have no idea when I’ll be done, but when I complete the boat, I want to be happy with the build.  This means a great deal to me.  Details mean a great deal to me.  The overall construction quality of the boat means a great deal to me.  


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