Finishing the Sole

DSC00005While I still had good access by reaching over plank #2, I decided to finish the cockpit sole.  I wrapped the paint up the side walls of the sole 2″ all the way around the boat for a bathtub look.  I plan to varnish above the paint line later in the build.DSC00007DSC00010I then taped off the sections of the floor where I wanted to use non-skid.  The product many recommended was Kiwigrip.  One quart was sufficient for all areas.DSC00019The process is actually very simple.  

  1. tape off the areas to be painted, rounding all corners with a razor blade
  2. sand the area to be painted for good adhesion
  3. trowel on Kiwigrip
  4. roll with provided roller
  5. remove tape will paint is still wet

DSC00020  DSC00014DSC00017DSC00015

It was a lot of fun to see things take shape as I pulled the tape off.  This meets the ‘ham’n’egger’ standard.  I very happy with these results.



4 thoughts on “Finishing the Sole

  1. Very nice job Brent.

    Glad to see you moving along nicely despite our cold weather. Noddy’s KiwiGrip has served well. I have it on my list to apply another coat this winter but have been putting it off because of the fiddly masking process and general cold weather sloth 😦

    My first coat has been on for almost 15 months and 40+ outings, 250+ miles, and quite a few overnights.


    • Simeon,

      Thanks for the comment. Just installed a shop heater last month. Could not move forward without it. Minus 14 deg. F last week. So glad to have installed the heater. I actually have a chance of completing Shackleton by summer now.

  2. Thanks Dave,

    Ya, things worked out real well. I would recommend you make parallel trowel marks over all non-skid area. This will yield the best looking non-skid after you roll it (according to my experience anyway).


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