Installing Plank #3, Finally

DSC00017There always seems to be so many little steps in building this sailboat.  I often say, if you have 2 hr/day, that’s all you need.  I couldn’t work any longer even if I had more time.  I prefer to stay with one given task before moving on to other issues that need attention.  It seems it takes all my concentration on each step, so I don’t multi task.  I stay with one step until I feel things are correct and complete.  Only then do I move on.  This pattern seems to work for me.  That way, I don’t get in over my head, loose my focus, go into deep depression and burn the boat in the backyard late at night.

I’m very glad to see plank #3 installed and ready for epoxy/glass fillet.

If you do something each day on your Scamp, this build will slowly but surely continue to take shape.  Just don’t stop!  Solve a problem, finish a step and then keep moving forward.  Love’n it baby, love’n it!


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