Seat work & finish work

DSC00001I marked the 3″ fiberglass tape (used for the plank #2/3 joint) with a Sharpie before cutting and glueing in place.  After all was cured, I noticed the Sharpie marks sticking out like a sore thumb.  So, I decided to paint that section instead of sanding to remove the markings.  I guess I’m getting a little lazy at this point in the build.  However, I actually like the contrast between the brightwork and painted panels.  DSC00002This paint line is actually straight, but it looks bent due to the top line being curved and the hull flaring outward.  At this point, I have finished painting all interior compartments up to their top line.  It feels good to see some of the finish work being completed as I progress through the build.DSC00004After trimming the seats to fit around the bulkheads (impossible to keep the BH’s perfectly vertical), I  cut out for an access hatch between bulkhead 5-6.  This is the only dry access hatch I am planning in the seat area.  I will open up a wet access area between bulkhead 7-8 on both sides of Shackleton.  DSC00006I used some 3/8″ scrap ply to strengthen this area.  I wrapped the plywood around the corner to better pick up the corner screws of the hatch.  The opposite side of the cut-out will screw into the existing seat longitudinal cleating material.  The forward and aft edges of the hatch areas have just over a 1″ span to the bulkhead cleating, hence I felt no need to reinforce these areas.  DSC00002I purchased these awesome seat hatches from Duckworks Magazine.  They measures 24″ x 9″ and fit perfectly between bulkhead 5-6.  I was happy to find a hatch that fit so well in this rather confined area.  I’m hoping to have the seats installed by week end.

I’m not getting much cycling in these days. I’m up to 188 lb. instead of my 174 lb. cycling weight.  But, I’m having a great time building this little micro cruiser.  I have drooled over larger boats, even during this build.  My first choice would be a Com Pac Eclipse.  This would allow for convenient overnighters with the family.  I may well buy one some time in the future, but Shackleton will be a great day sailor and a great trainer for me.  


2 thoughts on “Seat work & finish work

  1. Brent –

    I know you’ve probably checked this out but I hope there is adequate clearance between the open hatch and the lower edge of the seat-back coaming. The coaming comes down to around 2.375″(fwd) to 3.375″(aft) clearance from the seat top. By keeping the access hatch cut out as close to the seat longitudinal as possible, you’ve maximized the opening angle of the hatch. If you can’t open the hatch to at least 50 degrees, it’s hard to get bulky items in and out. It looks like yours will open closer to 90 degrees so you should be fine.

    I puzzled this for quite a while with my 8.5″x20″ (opening) hatches and finally went with hatches that had no hinge and were fully removable.

    Nice progress on your build!

    Noddy, SCAMP #11

  2. Simeon,

    Yes, According to how I have it mocked up, the hatches should lay open against the coaming. Port side will have no problems…Starboard side will be close, but should still work.

    Thanks for the encouragement and suggestions. They are always appreciated.


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