I’ve Got Seats

So, I was very careful when glueing the underseat supports, making sure to glue them on the underneath side of the seat (as opposed to the top side…hey, things happen).  Well, I was so careful that I glued one of them on the inboard side instead of the outboard side of my hatch opening.DSC00001This photo shows the mistake.  I used a router bit, wood rasp and sander to clean up the mess.  I could have made it look even better, but this is on the underneath side, so this was good enough for me.  DSC00001I decided to add graphite to the underside.DSC00003I installed the seats when the graphite epoxy was still tacky to ensure a good bond.  DSC00002Two coats on the top sides.DSC00002It’s so rewarding to see the seats go in.  I’m very excited to be at this stage of my build.

 I’m convinced slow and steady wins the day.  


2 thoughts on “I’ve Got Seats

  1. Looking good, Brent! It’s pretty exciting to get the big pieces installed. I don’t see in the photos any access to the centerboard slot – am I just missing that or did you decide to not put in access to the slot from above? I’m enjoying following your progress…

  2. Dave, I thought long and hard about the slot. As you know, Welsford’s original plans did not call for a slot in the seat. After much meditation, contemplation and total stupor of thought, I moved forward without the slot. Not sure that I’m right…not sure I’m wrong, just what I settled on.

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