Gunwale Success

After my talk with the gunwales, the next 4 attempts went forth seamlessly.  One moment they all wanted to break…the next they all bent perfectly.  What do I credit this change to:

  1. My frank, honest discussion with the gunwales regarding their potential and future destiny.
  2. Warming the wood (I kept the wood at 70 degrees).
  3. Allowing the wood to bend its preferred way.  I laid the wood on 2 sawhorses and allowed the gunwales to tell me which way they wanted to bend.  This worked marvelously well.  It was plain to see their natural tendencies.  The vertical bend was harder to decipher, but still manifest itself with careful observation.

DSC00006Dry clamping to drill screw alignment holes.  DSC00004Countersink bit made nice holes for the screws.DSC00009 Second installment…all glued up.  My son aligned the gunwale as I screwed and clamped my way along.  The screws aid in alignment (things get very slippery) and were placed about 18″-24″ along the gunwale.  DSC00002I placed clamps about 4″ apart.


  1. I dry clamped the gunwale (stern to bow) flush with the top of panel #3.
  2. I drilled pilot holes for screw alignment (which would be used during the glue up process).
  3. I removed the gunwales and rolled epoxy on all mating surfaces.
  4. I applied thickened epoxy to mating surfaces.
  5. I re-attached the gunwales using clamps (for even pressure) and screws (for alignment).
  6. I cleaned up all the squeeze out with a sharpened stir stick.
  7. I removed all the screws while epoxy was still green.

 I installed the 3/8″ x 1 1/4″ gunwales one at a time (2 per side for a total of 4 gunwales).  I used all the clamps I own for each gunwale installment.  I waited 20-24 hrs before removing the clamps and keep the shop between 60-65 degrees.  

I am so happy to see this step complete.  I had a slow, difficult start, but things all seemed to work out in the end.  Now on to the carlins.  (finger crossed).  


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