Shaping Gunwales

With the gunwales bent in place, I’m feeling really good about life.  It was a lot of fun to pull the clamps off and observe the shape of the gunwale.  It adds a lot of stability to the top panel and beautifully defines the sheer.  DSC00033The next step is to bevel the gunwale to match that of the bulkhead top.  As you can see, I need to remove a fair amount of material to achieve this.  DSC00032A good block plane is worth your money.  I have used my Lie Nelson plane as much as any tool I own for this build.  It took only a few minutes to achieve the desired bevel. DSC00035I have decided to tape off and varnish up to the sheer before attaching the carlins.  This allows great access to the upper insides without having to reach around the carlins.  I have taped off the top line and bulkheads for the deck and cockpit coaming fillets yet to come.

Now for some bright work


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