Carlins Baby!

It is with great joy swelling up in my heart that I bring you this blog post.  There are many emotions that come to a builder during the building process.  Some are thoughts of boredom (like sanding), others are feelings of great exultations (like singing Hallelujah in the church choir).  I’m ready to sing Hallelujah twice over.

Not sure why, but the gunwales and carlins were a big deal to me.  Maybe it’s their shape, maybe it’s because I struggled initially with these steps, maybe it’s because my boat now looks as beautiful as a women.  I actually made my wife come out to behold the curves.  She agreed they were very beautiful.  I didn’t know boat building could be sexy…but it definitely is.  DSC00003 DSC00005Something about seeing these steps complete feels so rewarding.  Maybe boat building complies with the Law of the Harvest and I’m feeling the spiritual blessing from this natural law.  Call it what you will, I feel good.  The shaped hull is definitely attractive, but when you add gunwales and carlins, look out baby.

After my initial slow start bending the wood, all seemed to fall into place.

Key to building a boat…just keep working…problems seem to work themselves out.  


5 thoughts on “Carlins Baby!

  1. Hi, I really enjoy the build blog for Shakleton. Have a question. What is the size of the two strips of wood for the carlins? Looks like about 7/16 by 3/4″ (or 1″) each. I see the point of two thinner strips of wood bent into place and glued together to make the fair curve without cracking the wood. I am building a stretched Walkabout and have added a cuddy lower/smaller than the scamp cuddy. Many thanks

    • Todd,
      So, the carlins are 3/8″ x 1″. Glueing the two pieces together made the bending possible without steaming…which I have never had good luck with. Good luck with the Walkabout. I love John Welsford’s designs. Do you have a build blog?


      • Hello Brent, thanks for the size of the carlins. Working on those. I have posted build pics on Flikr but am not liking it. I post as todd Harris, building a Walkabout. I think I should change to WordPress or something else. Would appreciate hearing about how you transition the inboard sloping cuddy sides into the outboard sloping inwales. This is right at the forward end of the cockpit. This is going to be my next challenge. thanks!

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