Cabin Sides

It’s feeling so good to be at this stage of the build.  It’s almost like the wooden boat Gods are smiling down on you with providential care & guidance.  I’m definitely feeling the love.DSC00001The front of the cabin sides need to be notched out to fit over the deck.DSC00002The cleating needed to be beveled to better fit against the side.  Though not shown here, a block plane made short work of this.

DSC00008Somewhere I saw a picture of a Scamp with a handhold cut out of the cabin sides.  I thought this made good practical sense and looked great.  I epoxied the doubler onto the sides (while working on the bench).  Then I used a 1 1/2″ forsner bit to drill 2 holes about 4 1/2″ apart (measured outside to outside).  I then cut out the center material using a jig saw.DSC00009I cleaned up the edges with my shinto rasp and used a 1/8″ round over bit to finish things off.  DSC00011I think this handhold will be very helpful boarding from a dock or just climbing into the boat from the shore (there are no beaches in Idaho).  This photo also shows the relative size of the port lights.  They measure 6″ in diameter.

DSC00049Finally, I offset the front doubler pieces just to add a little dimension.  Correction:  Actually truth be told, I didn’t hardly have enough overhang on the front of the side panels to allow the doubler to fit.  I would have needed to cut it so thin on the vertical side, that I decided to simply overhang it a bit.  This allowed more room for an inside fillet.




DSC00002The sides were not difficult to fit and this step went off without a hitch.

 Now setting my attention to the cabin top.






6 thoughts on “Cabin Sides

  1. Dave,

    I wish I could take credit for them…I saw them somewhere, and they made an impression on my mind. Easy to do. I think they will be very handy.


    • Jeff, thanks for the comment. I have considered doing this, but feel it would be quite difficult to accomplish at this stage. I think I’ll sail Shackleton and watch the corners for water accumulation and address the issue then if it looks to be a problem.

    • Will,

      Thanks for checking out my blog, glad you are enjoying it. The photo is actually of me. I am the second generation ‘ham n egger’, my father being the first to receive bestowal of this great honor of distinction. We cherish the title and get a lot of laughs over it’s significance.


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