Body Work

DSC00020I built up the cabin top/mast ramp area with micro balloons.  DSC00029It sanded down nicely, fairing these two surfaces.DSC00026 Cabin top aft doubler.DSC00025Front cabin top doubler.  I used a stick of VG Doug Fir (this piece is not provided in the kit).DSC00028There was an area where the cabin top didn’t quite come plumb with the cabin side cleat.  I added a plywood piece to extend the cabin top.  DSC00022After using a block plane to trim the plywood piece flush, I then filled the top of the joint with thickened epoxy.DSC00021You can’t even see the transition joint between the two pieces of wood.  Okoume plywood and epoxy is amazing stuff.

DSC00020The cabin top required an additional small sliver of plywood and epoxy to fit flush with the doubler.  DSC00024Filed flat in both the horizontal and vertical planes.  I will add a round-over to this edge.

DSC00027Here shown with edges round over.DSC00029I had multiple angles at this junction to fair.  DSC00023DSC00021DSC00025These will require a bit more shaping, but I’m happy with the overall progress.

Hoping to have the top glassed by end of week.


2 thoughts on “Body Work

  1. Looking nice. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that had to add some little filler pieces around the edges of the cabin roof, though it looks like yours were more minor than mine. Thickened epoxy is a boatbuilder’s best friend! — Dave

  2. Dave, Ya it’s just amazing how you can fix little things with some epoxy, sawdust and wood pieces. It’s also amazing how many little things there are to fix.

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