The Redemptive Qualities of the Shinto Rasp

I’ve said it before, now I’ll demonstrate it.  Check this out.DSC00062 Huge ugly fillets around the seams.  DSC00064Epoxy piled a mile high.  It looks like my 7 year old did this.  DSC00028 Remember, It has to look ugly before it can look beautiful.  

Now for the Shinto Rasp Redemption:DSC00031Notice the slight glow being given off from Shackleton’s hull?  It’s almost like it has been redeemed from the “Fall of Adam” and now finds itself in an exalted state. DSC00032DSC00037DSC00036DSC00032DSC00036 I don’t know how I would’ve done this without the Shinto Rasp.  Buy one today.  Actually, buy several.  Give them away to your dearest friends after showing them your boat.  I also think they would make tremendous wedding presents.  After all, who needs more towels?

This build is getting very exciting…can’t you just feel the energy?

Next up:  Glassing the Hull


2 thoughts on “The Redemptive Qualities of the Shinto Rasp

  1. Brent, I think you have clearly exceeded the ham n egger standard with your rasp work. But those initial pictures had me worried. I was working with my shinto yesterday. Thought of you. –Will

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