Glassing Skegs

Epoxy finally arrived.  My build is going to take approximately 8 gallons…way more than I expected.  No, I’m not wasting it or overcoating the parts…it just takes more than you think when you slow down and do it right.  DSC00064DSC00067 One small slit near the bend allowed the glass to fold down nicely.DSC00066DSC00069DSC00070As Simeon pointed out to me in an earlier comment, Red Oak is very porous.  Based on this information, I thought about rebuilding the skegs out of White Oak, but felt proper finish work would yield sufficient sealing properties to the wood.

My plan is to:

  1. Place two 3″ strips of fiberglass over each skeg.
  2. Thicken the final strip of glass with colloidal silica (to act as a hard wear surface).
  3. Use a large fillet where the oak meets the hull.
  4. Roll graphite epoxy over the glassed skegs and hull as a final barrier to water.
  5. Keep an eye on the wear surface of the skegs (this should be easy with the graphite as a wear indicator).
  6. In keeping with the ‘ham n egger’ philosophy…I’ve decided not to install UHMW over my skegs.  Hopefully, the additional preventative steps I’m taking will prove sufficient.  Time will tell.

Things keep moving along…hoping to be in the water by mid June.


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