Sanding the Hull

I happen to love tools and I admit it.  They make the overall woodworking experience so much more pleasurable.  Yes, you could do this will fewer tools, but why would you?  The proper tools make every job easier, safer and more satisfying.  With that unabashed introduction, meet my new hand sander from Home Depot.  DSC00036This little gem made todays job much easier.DSC00037You can buy traditional sanding paper sheets and cut them to fit.  This large flat area afforded me great control over the sanding process.

One could spend as much time finishing the hull as they do the entire build.  The more I get into this, the more small imperfections I seem to notice.  At some point, not too far in the distant future, I’m going to call it good enough and move on.

DSC00036My hull after sanding off the fairing material.DSC00037DSC00038Notice the obvious line along both sides of the bow.  These area need another filling. They are concealing 4 wraps of 6 oz. glass across the bow.DSC00041Second filling of bow (before sanding).  This is looking much better.

What I learned:

  1. Run your electric palm sander first with 80 grit paper over all the filled areas.
  2. Buy a plastic squeegee ($0.49) at your local automotive shop (or use a leaf if you don’t believe in good tools) for applying the thickened epoxy 😉
  3. I mixed the epoxy a little wetter than normal…it flowed over the problem areas smoothly…like frosting a cake.  It spreads into all the low areas bringing them flush with their surroundings.  It’s really fun stuff to spread around.
  4. Filling and sanding your hull is addictive and the process is never quite finished.
  5. 150 grit paper cut through this stuff much better than 80 grit paper.  It felt like the smaller tooth of the 150 grit paper hooked up much better than the larger 80 grit.  This surprised me, but was true.
  6. After the electric palm sander, I used the hand sander shown above for final sanding.  It worked extremely well and produced more dust than my power sander.


Open a window in your shop, strap on the dust mask and git r done.  You’re shaping your future.


One thought on “Sanding the Hull

  1. Totally agree, fairing the hull was an enjoyable part of the build. I’m not sure how fast the fun would wear off on a 20 footer! Even worse, my friend is building a 43′ cat, can you image the sanding? But, a Scamp is just the right size to get perfect!!

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