Graphite Epoxy Hull

Having settled on a practical, functional graphite bottom for Shackleton, I begin to roll the thick black stuff onto the hull.  DSC00037After one coat, the hull looks thirsty for more.DSC00038After two coats, things are looking much better.DSC00040I don’t have a perfect finish here.  I got orange peel for some sections of the hull.  I’ve decided a workboat finish will have to suffice.  I want this baby in the water…I guess I’m to that point.  I hear everyone gets to this point sooner or later.  I’m feel like I”m getting there.


The idea of putting a small amount of colloidal silicon in the mixture to smooth out the graphite didn’t work for me, in fact I think it added a little texture to the epoxy.  My best results were simply using graphite alone without additives.  One more coat and I’ll be removing the tape.  This will be around 1:00 am this morning.  Wish me luck.

AfterAfter one


5 thoughts on “Graphite Epoxy Hull

  1. Thanks guys, It’s so fun to watch everyones progress. I appreciate you guys taking the time to make comments. It’s funny how often I look for comments on my blog from others…it seems to make such a big difference. Thanks for your encouraging words.


    • Tom,

      Thanks for the question. Actually, I never measured my graphite. I just threw some in, stirred it up until it look about right and applied. If you get it too thick, it won’t want to lay down correctly, but instead leave a bumpy finish. Also, I’ve never had good results applying graphite epoxy over graphite epoxy, so now I try to get one good thick coat down and then I stop.


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