Neil Pryde Sail for Shackleton

I considered sewing my own sail (I do own a Sailrite sowing machine) but the Neil Pryde is affordable and very well made…and it’s not like I don’t have plenty to do.  So, I broke down and called Josh at SCA and ordered one up.  After waiting a few weeks for the next batch of sails, USPS delivered a mysterious box to my front door.  I knew instantly the box contained my new sail.  DSC00040Gotta love the feel of a new sail.  Clean, crisp, crinkly and stitched with precision…like a starched white button-down pinpoint oxford dress shirt.DSC00042I was nervous that I would cut the numbers wrong, so I sketched out the required cuts on an envelope.   I also double checked the number with my plans to make sure I had it correct.  I’ve learned that if anyone can screw things up…it’s me.  DSC00041All credit for this application goes to Dave Ender (building #243) for his excellent description of how to do this correctly.  On center with the lantern, 2″ below and 2″ between numbers. DSC00043 Now, the power of that red lantern.

 I actually owned 4 Feuerhand oil lanterns before I ever knew of a sailboat called Scamp. For the record, these are the finest oil lanterns made (to my knowledge).  Knowing that Scamp used this lantern for their logo, made me want to build one even more.  DSC00044To finish it all off, you get this nice sail bag that would work well for large stowage needs.

Now back to finishing the lower portion of my hull.

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