CB Line Modification

When I attempted to tie my uphaul line to the center board, I clearly didn’t have enough room for the knot.  

DSC00055DSC00056I decided to drill out a larger hole to accommodate the knot and prevent it from rubbing against the CB case.  I used the plywood as a guide, clamping it against the CB to hold the forsner bit in place.

DSC00057I drilled into the CB approximately 1/2″.

DSC00061The line fits with ease.DSC00062Uphaul line knot (figure 8) with tail tucked in.  Now I began to wonder if I removed too much material…is it strong enough?  DSC00063Hole with 1/8″ round over bit applied to top edge.  DSC00069Then it hit me…why not epoxy the line in place? 

DSC00035While the epoxy was still green, I cleaned up the edges and took a little off the top for a flush fit.


  1. I didn’t want the knot rubbing against the CB case, so something had to be done.
  2. I had concerns about water intrusion into the CB where the lead line came into the knot area.
  3. I had concerns about the weight and leverage of the CB on the drilled out knot area.
  4. I’ve learned if  anything strange can happen to me, it will.
  5. I didn’t want the uphaul line to have any chance of coming loose.
  6. I feel like this solution minimizes all of these concerns.
  7. I plan to build a trailer support for the CB to rest on while traveling (I believe towing Scamp with the CB up is the culprit for CB line wear), so I really don’t plan on needing to replace this line very often, if ever.

But wait, how will I replace the line?  Easy peazy, lemon squeezy.  Give me 3 minutes with a forsner bit and I’ll have the line and epoxy entirely removed, ready for a new one.

I feel good about the security of the line and the water integrity of the holes drilled.  Sometimes what looks to be a mistake can turn out better than before.  This baby is not coming loose.


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