Shackleton on Trailer, Mutineers Onboard

After turning the boat upside down, I discarded the building jig, knowing I would place the boat on the trailer for the remaining steps.  So, today (drum roll please) I placed Shackleton on the trailer.  DSC00075 I positioned the thick part of the skegs just forward of the rear rollers (similar to what others have done).  I also lowered the rollers to keep the boat low on the trailer.  DSC00076I attempted to move the 4 x 4 carpeted bunk to the rear 12″ but I couldn’t get the lags out of the bunk.  So, I decided to leave it where it is.  Not ideal, but close enough.  DSC00039Preston volunteered to crawl through the bulkhead and install my bow eye.  He is taller than me and reached the bow without even getting all the way inside.  DSC00060Future Idaho Sailors.  Delight mixed with mischief.  DSC00044   DSC00050I sense a mutinous plan in the works.  I know that look very well.  DSC00070I called my dad (first generation ham n egger) to help me bend the front bumpers slightly to better align with the pram bow.  Here’s a man with all the tools.  DSC00074With a little ‘friendly persuasion’ the bow bumpers now fits perfectly.


The tongue on this trailer appears to be much longer than necessary.  Has anyone else felt this way?  I would say it’s 2′-3′ longer than it needs to be.  After I build a way to carry my mast, I’m going to hook up the trailer and see how much length can be removed. This is just too long for me, but still a very impressive trailer.


4 thoughts on “Shackleton on Trailer, Mutineers Onboard

  1. I love those pirates you are sporting. I can see you won’t want for crew. It’s not going to be too long before they are commandeering Shackleton when your back is turned!

    Your dad repositioned the bow bumpers exactly the same way I did! I guess us ham n eggers think in the same way. My front bunk is 6″ high so I felt the need to raise the winch on the post so as to center the pads better with the transom and the bow eye. To do that, I took a putty knife to the two side reflectors on the post as they interfered with the winch upper mounting U-bolt. I then re-stuck them back on with double sided mounting tape.

    I like that long tongue on the 17′ trailer. With the shallow ramps around here, I still end up getting the car rear wheels in the water. It also makes backing the trailer easier. I’d hold on shortening the tongue until you have launched a few times.

    Also, after 18 months of trailering, I just moved the axle and fenders 10 inches forward on the frame. There was far too much weight on the car’s trailer hitch. I feel my Noddy is a fair amount heavier than the average SCAMP!


  2. Simeon, Yes, I’ve got plenty of pirates to drag along for many years. They all have a pretty good sense of adventure, so I’m hoping to have a lot of fun years ahead.

    Great advise on holding off before I cut the tongue. I will do this.

  3. What an awesome feeling that must be! It’s nice to see your kids excited as well. I have a small 16ft. cuddy cabin fibreglass boat (not exactly the SCAMP of my dreams!) and it felt great to finally get the kids out on it last summer. My plan is to do it a lot more this year after finally getting it floating again! Congratulations on another milestone! It can’t be long before you splash! On an adventurous thought. I was wondering if you think it is possible to get a folding brompton into the side lockers or the front storage area and whether or not you think one can make a hatch big enough to handle one. It is part of my dream to sail into a new harbour, unfold a brompton and ride off to another destination for the day.

    Great job! Super impressed by your work and (what seems like) daily progress you are making!

    • Peter, Thanks for the encouraging comments. I plan to place 2 Bromptons under the veranda on Shackleton. I think it would be hard to get them inside a hatch, but never really researched it. My placement will interfere with access to floor storage between BH3 & BH4, but thats the only place I can imagine placing them. I love the idea of taking Bromptons and plan to do so when needed.

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