Cockpit Coamings Installed

Wow, I can’t believe I’m actually working on the last few pieces of this build.  For anyone reading wondering if they can build a Scamp, my advise is:  Yes, if you are persistent and not afraid to work through problems and willing to work everyday for just over a year.  Otherwise, go buy one.

I have truly enjoyed this experience.  But, I’m a ham n egger who loves a project.  If you are a white glove guy, maybe you should start with a kayak and see how you enjoy it.

Enough sappy talk, let’s get to those cockpit coamings.

DSC00035I first marked out where I wanted all the holes drilled.  After double checking all measurements, I drilled out both coamings for a uniform look.  I then used a counter sink on each coaming to insure the screw head was inset.  I also rounded all exposed edges with an 1/8″ round over bit.

DSC00039 DSC00037After proper glue up technique, I screwed the coamings into the gunwales.  I used 1″ ss screws placed about 6″ apart all the way along the coaming.

DSC00036I then laid a fillet into the outside edge of the coaming.  This required 2 fillets for proper shape and size.

DSC00040Now for the triangular pieces.  DSC00046 After shaping the triangular pieces, and angling the edges to better fit against the coaming and cabin side, I clamped them in place and filleted the inside seams.  I will fillet and glass the outside seams once the inside fillet has cured.  DSC00045Inside fillet.


I’ll clean up the edges of the glass after filling with epoxy.


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