Gusset Redo

Sometimes in an attempt to keep things moving, I move too fast.  

DSC00035This was my attempt at glassing the gusset to the cockpit coaming.  After I took this photograph and looked at it on my computer, I realized it was all wrong.  I instantly noticed 2 things:  1-the top edge is not flush and 2- the corner is too sharp for proper glass adhesion.  I should’ve fixed these two things before attempting to glass.  So, before it cured, I went out and pulled it off.

DSC00038This photo shows my attempt at correcting the problem.  The top line still needs additional work, but the corner is much smoother, allowing for good glass adhesion.  I also rounded the glass corners for a smoother finish.


Not perfect, but it now passes the ham n egger standard.



2 thoughts on “Gusset Redo

  1. Good catch Brent! That would have bugged you for years if you just said, ‘Good nuf’ without fixing it. I can say this because there a couple of spots on my boat that I noticed too late to reasonably fix without some major surgery. Not anything that anyone else can even see, but I know the boo boos are there (on mine). I like your ham n egger standard and philosophy. I’m certain that your dad is proud. – Ron

  2. Ron, Thanks for the comment. Ya, I’m much happier with the redo. It only cost me a day at this stage, but would have been more involved had I let the epoxy cure. I’m getting very anxious to get this baby into the water.

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