Installing Transom Cap Doubler

Before installing the transom cap doubler, I placed a fillet on the inside edge between the transom and transom cap.  This is much easier to reach before you install the doubler.DSC00036This is another step where you’ll need a bucket full of clamps.  It’s important to ensure the doubler is up tight against the cap.  I placed small wooden support pieces under each clamp to prevent denting the cap.  DSC00038 Originally, I planned to fill the gap between the doubler and the cap shown above, but after thinking it through, I decided to leave it open to prevent water from getting trapped behind this area.  DSC00039I rounded all the exposed edges with 1/8″ round over bit before installing.  I can’t stand a sharp edge.  DSC00041These backer pieces will be glued behind the hatch openings in BH3 for additional support.  I rolled them with the excess epoxy.  DSC00035Summary:

I’m happy with how this turned out.  I have enough room to drill the holes for the rear traveler line (through solid epoxy) and created a nice area for proper water drainage.


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