BH #3 Hatches and Traveler Line Hole

I’m striving for daily progress on my Scamp build.  Today, I installed the BH#3 hatches.DSC00407I had previously epoxied and clamped backer pieces around the perimeter to add thickness to the hatch openings to receive the screws.DSC00496I used 3/4″ SS screws to secure the hatches.  I also applied a liberal amount of clear silicon around the hatch openings.  DSC00497This shot shows all the hatches I have installed on Shackleton.  In addition to what is shown, I have wet storage between BH7 & BH8 on both sides of my boat.DSC00499Next, I drilled a 7/16″ hole for the transom traveler.  I first used the largest counter sink I own to flair the hole opening just a bit.  I then followed up with a standard 7/16″ drill bit.DSC00501This flared the hole for a smooth opening.  I will epoxy this hole during my next epoxy step.  The hole goes through (from top to bottom) the transom cap, then a solid epoxy layer and finally through the decking.  It should provide a very strong area for the transom traveler line.

Hoping to test step the mast tomorrow.


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