Odds n Ends

Striving for daily progress, I had a goal to install the drain plugs, motor mount and attach CB uphaul lines by sun down.  I got it done.

DSC00412The first order of business was to remove the drain plug keepers.  I plan to screw in the drain plugs from inside of Shackleton, so the keepers would extend out the back of my boat.  I see two problems with this:  1- I don’t want to be dragging seaweed off the back of my boat and 2- I don’t want water inside my boat, trying to escape through the drain holes, to be forcing the plugs against the drain holes.  So, the keepers had to go.  I plan to simply unscrew and remove the plugs for faster draining.  But, might I now loose them?  Possibly, but I plan to have a few extras with me in my repair kit.

DSC00423Here’s how it looks from inside the boat. This is about as low as you can install them without getting in the way of the scupper fillet.

DSC00420(Looking at the outside of the transom)  I rounded over and epoxied all edges of the drain holes.  I then ran a bead of silicon around the outside edges to fill the slight gap.  This will allow for easy replacement down the road if needed.

DSC00427Next up was the CB uphaul lines.   The blocks allow remarkably easy uphauling of the center board.  I’m really impressed with this system.  I angled the cam cleat to better match the angle of the line.  The blocks and cleat are screwed into the solid stock of the CB case.

DSC00417Now for the outboard motor bracket.  DSC00419I mounted the bracket 2 1/2″ up from the bottom of the transom.  Holes in the bracket and transom were drilled oversized and then filled with thickened epoxy.  I drilled out the center areas of these holes and inserted  a 3 1/2″ x 1/4″ stainless bolt.  I used fender washers to better secure the bracket.  You could easily stand on this bracket.  I doesn’t budge.  DSC00418DSC00421This photo shows the bolts coming through the motor mount doubler (right side of photo).  I epoxied the doubler in place between the seat longitudinal and the transom doubler.  It was made from one of the soul hatch cut outs.  It consists of two layers of 3/8″ plywood epoxied together creating a 3/4″ plate.  The upper right fender washer needed to be cut in order to fit.  I also had to take a wood chisel to the under side of the seat extension to get the washer and nut to fit onto the bolt.  Notice the bolt pattern was moved off center (bolts were moved toward the starboard side of the motor bracket and toward the port side of the doubler to miss the seat longitudinal…it all worked out).

While I wait for my rigging to arrive, I will continue to get as many small tasks accomplished as possible.  Tomorrow morning I’m applying varnish to the spars and newly built mast crutch.  


4 thoughts on “Odds n Ends

  1. Your motor mount appears to be very low on the transom. Without the motor mounted it’s hard to tell. It looks like the bottom of the bracket will be dragging in the water when the boat is loaded and squatting.

    On Noddy, the knuckle on the trailing edge of the rudder blade is often submerged when motoring.

  2. Simeon, there is a picture in a later post that shows the relationship between the bracket and the rudder more clearly. The bottom of the bracket is up from the bottom of the boat about 2 3/4″. If this does contact the water, there will be very little to drag as the mounting bracket plate has been rounded on its bottom edge. I’ll learn more once I get the boat in the water…but it appears to be fine to me.

  3. Brent,
    It sound like you may go motorless. But at this time I’m trying to build your design for my scamp. In the end were you happy with your motor mount? If not would you change any thing? Thanks for your help.

    • Dale, I was very happy with the mount. It was dead quiet, simple and effective. It also looked the part. Even though I dream of going motorless, I might evolve into another motor on my next build. Too hard to tell at this point. All that said, I was very happy with the mount and think it worked well.


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