Center Board Trailer Support

I didn’t want the center board to be hanging on the uphaul line as I bounced down the road trailering Shackleton.  So, I looked things over and decided to build a center board support to take the weight off the uphaul line.DSC00410I took a left over piece of 3/4″ okoume plywood and made a few notch outs to better fit the trailer.DSC00408Then I found some old leather I had laying around.  DSC00411I made a 6″ x 8″ cut out.DSC00413This is approximately where I want the leather to fit over the wood.DSC00414I used stainless bolts to secure the support to the back trailer cross member.  I used fender washers for a good purchase.  The notch outs allows to board to fit flat and rest on the trailer side member.  I then screwed the leather to the top of the plywood support with smooth pan head screws.DSC00415This photo shows the center board in the down, unweighted position, resting on the leather pad (I could have positioned the pad even further forward, but it picks up the center board just fine).


I plan to drop the center board down onto this pad when trailering with Shackleton.  Note that even if I forget to raise the center board when launching Shackleton, the boat will still slide right off the trailer, as the board rest on top of the trailer cross member and butts up to the roller.  Not a hard modification and makes me feel a lot better about the highway miles I’ll be traveling.


2 thoughts on “Center Board Trailer Support

  1. Nice idea. Could you maybe double over or triple the leather and cut a slot in the wood where the centerboard touches it? Then you’d have a nice little cradle and it wouldn’t be rubbing on the wood. If the slot were small enough, you’d still have plenty of strength in the wood and the in the leather to support the CB.

  2. Yes, you certainly could. However, there shouldn’t be any real movement at this location because the wood support is sitting on top of the trailer (as opposed to sitting on top of the axle, where all movement of the axle would be transferred up into the center board). So, I’m not sure how necessary it would be. I mainly wanted to take the load off the uphaul line to prevent it from abrading.

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