Outboard Motor Bracket with Motor

This was my day of reckoning.  Would the outboard motor bracket really work the way it was designed?  Well, in the shop, it appears that it will work out just as planned.  DSC00431 Notice the room for the tiller handle…with the handle at a 45 degree angle.  DSC00432 Plenty of clearance here to run the controls.DSC00433 This photo better shows the relationship between the outboard bracket and the rudder.  I didn’t want the motor to cavitate in wave action.  Looking at the depth of the prop, I don’t force it coming out of the water.  DSC00430 This photo shows the clearance of the tiller arm in the horizontal position.  I’m happy.DSC00427Notice how the rudder, fully deployed toward the port side, still misses the motor bracket.  This is at the end of it’s swing.


Love the bracket.  I’ll post an update once I have had the boat in the water under motor power, but this is exactly how I designed it to fit and function.  


2 thoughts on “Outboard Motor Bracket with Motor

    • Christopher, As I remember, the motor can swing all the way around without making contact with the rudder (assuming the rudder is in the full downward position). In practice, however, the motor was typically locked straight ahead while I used the rudder for steering. It’s quite awkward to turn the motor using the power handle, because the handle is on a 45 degree tilt up toward the transom cap and located low on the transom for proper submersion of the prop (and yes I used a 25″ long shaft). On my next scamp, I’ve decided to forgo the motor and instead use oars and sail only. This of course is a very personal decision. To each their own.


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