Tiller Arm Installed

While waiting for my rigging to arrive, I installed the tiller arm in Shackleton.  This was a really fun step to complete.  After climbing in and checking the position, I believe the arm will work well for sitting or standing.   Time will tell.DSC00417DSC00422I left a slight protrusion of the tiller out the back of the rudder head for visual effect.  The pin is 3/8″ x 2 3/4″ and fits beautifully.DSC00423 John Welsford designed the tiller cut out through the transom perfectly.  Check out the 1/8″ clearance when the tiller arm is thrown fully to port.DSC00424And to starboard.DSC00425The arm comes through the cut out with a good safety margin above and below as well.DSC00427Finally, with the rudder completely to port, it still clears the outboard motor bracket.  How did I get this lucky?

Now if that rigging would arrive

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